About LALA + J

Lala+j is a curated collection of accessories and apparel. Most pieces have been hand drawn or customized by me in my home. The clothes are simple, stylish & comfortable. Kids are always running jumping and playing, I believe clothes shouldn’t hinder them doing that.  I want the collection to scream FUN!!!!

I was born in Cape Town South Africa, where I completed a bachelors in textile design and technology.  Since then i have gathered over 15 years of experience in corporate fashion. We left Cape Town in 2007, spending 3 years in Europe before finally settling in California.

Since having the kids I have been home or working part time.  I was struggling to find myself again without a creative outlet it was hard. As a search to find a balance for me and my family I started thinking about lala+j.  This collection & the brand values are inspired by my two kids Maya and Jamie. They bring me inspiration every day and they are the reason for this new journey.

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